Key Employee Profiles:

Melissa Underhill (owner, chief engineer)

Melissa Underhill has a Master's Degree in Engineering from Texas A&M University with a specialty in composites. She has 15 years experience in Stress Analysis and Project Management.

Melissa is an FAA-certified DER (Designated Engineering Representative) in structures.

Rick Teudt

Rick Teudt is a certified professional engineer (Mechanical) with 14 years of work experience. He is also an expert (certified, University of Washington, 2000) software developer.

Some of Rick's accomplishments include:

A partial list of Rick's technical skills includes:

Troy Langley

Software and structural engineer with experience in development of enterprise applications and user interface components. Extensive development experience in both core application systems and user interfaces. Programming experience on Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Macintosh platforms.

Experienced with mission critical projects. Work as a structural engineer has led to a disciplined, methodical approach to problems where the public’s safety is at stake.

Skilled at finding creative ways to streamline inefficient systems. While working for Boeing and Lockheed wrote engineering software which saved time and improved reliability of the results.

Focused on accuracy and repeatability. Led the initiative to introduce test driven development to a shrink wrapped application for the printing industry. Automated the build process to include testing.

Committed to maintainable software design. Rewrote the core of a major application after review and experience with the initial code. Always looking for the elegant, reliable, simple solution.

David Barnes

David Barnes brings to the table a breadth of experience in user interface design, analysis, and user testing. In his capacity as program manager (7 years) for the user interface teams for Windows 95 and 98, he carried to completion several facets of Microsoft's most notable operating system. He is skilled in rapid prototyping techniques and is fluent in several languages appropriate to creating a vision of how a piece of software is intended to look and function (notably Visual Basic and Director) then testing that vision against the reality of user expectations. Though David's degree is in Botany, he has proven he is extremely adaptable at bridging gaps between engineering and software disciplines.